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It’s raw and refined, emotional and apathetic, simple yet elegant.


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"How did you do your hair dude?"

Let this JAPANESE guy teach you how to achieve that short spiky hairstyle in under a minute. It's like AWESOME!

Perfect for the emo/bad boy/Yakuza!!! look.

Michael Castro

Jason Castros' lil bro - Michael Castro audition in Kansas City for American Idol 8. First thing you'll notice is his mohawk hairstyle. Some parts of his hair is colored pink and it really looks nice on him. And he also got that very cute smile. I would really like to see more of him in Hollywood.

Michael Castro

michael castro

The Castro Brothers

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Colored Highlights

emo girls

A slightly bouffant emo hair with side bangs that go across the forhead and are always parted to one side giving you a trendy yet elegant emo look. Popular colors for highlights currently tend to be blue, red and purple.

Adam Lambert for the win!

Adam Lambert
Is Adam Lambert the next American Idol? Check his video on youtube singing 'Dust in the Wind'.

Adam Lambert spiky emo haircut.

Adam Lambert hair

Adam Lambert sporting a tousled emo hairstyle.

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