The Aviator Jacket


Designer Aviator Jackets
The aviator jacket was at gale force on the Fall 2010 catwalk.  These runway examples show how diverse a look this can be.  The aviator jacket of the 2010s decade is chunkier, more rugged and perhaps more functional for winter than the cropped biker jacket of the noughties.  This is about as far away as 'Mad Men' ladies fashion that you can get this season unless of course you think 'Happy Days' and the Fonz!

 Names for The Aviator Jacket
Since it was first made for World War I pilots in open cockpits, the Aviator Jacket has spawned many synonyms.  Look out for names such as Bomber Jacket, Amelia Earhart Jacket, Amy Johnson Jacket, Flying Jacket, Biggles Jacket, Flight Jacket, Military Jacket, Patrol Jacket, RAF Jacket, Irvin Jacket. The names Aviatrix and of course Aviator jacket all spring to mind when visualising this fashion trend.