Fashion Trends

Fashion Silhouette
The shoulder has been a focus of interest throughout the noughties.  Now in 2010 the high street has settled on the extended cap shoulder piece sleeve, often little more than a wide band. Some dresses also have a small neat shoulder pad to elevate the seam and help keep the shape of the designer intended shoulder line silhouette. Sleeve styles are interesting and there are many sleeves with soft upper fullness either blouse or structured, stiffened puffs and draped puff waterfall styles.

Skirt Lengths
Hemlines for 2010 are on the knee and above the knee as well as calf length and maxi skirts.  Take your pick as many manufacturers may advertise women modelling shorter skirts, but so often those models are quite tall. The average woman in UK at 5'4" will often find those same shorter looking modelled skirts fall on their knee. These skirts shown feature plain and patterned fabrics. Two of them show digital prints and the longer skirt has bunches of roses, a popular 50s print theme for floral looks as Mad Men themes take us by storm.

Narrower Pant Styles
Draping is is used everywhere to enhance the fashion silhouette.  Notice how many of these images show knee to ankle trousers.  There has been a growing trend to adopt narrower leg pants. Most of these narrower pants also have SOME peg top fullness. This fashion trend has been picking up speed the past two years. Women get very attached to their trouser shape and often hang onto several leg styles, when an alternative fashion style can flatter a woman so much more than the current pants fashion. If narrower pants are hard for you to wear consider teaming them with a longer line blazer or tunic top and which covers the hips. Don't worry too much if this fashion trend has never felt right for you and you think never will - Autumn 2010 looks set to have a good mix of wider leg and palazzo pants.

Softened Bloused
If you want a rest from all the nipped in waist then cover up in style with a blouson casual or smock top. Pregnant women, the pleasantly plump and plus sizes will also be delighted with this blouse smock look. The line between blouse, smock, tunic and dress will often be hard to fathom. But this is a pretty look and will suit many women who long for the alternative comfort of a loose top over their midriff. Loose smock and blouson tops like these are especially comfortable on warm balmy days. They stretch your wardrobe by enabling mix and match combinations that can go from day into evening.

Envisage sherbet colours, dresses, silk lace camisoles, pretty scallop edges, satin, lace, flounces, ribbons, bows and soft tones of shell pink.  Black set against pink blush all helps create see through lacy bra and corset effects and must-have underwear outerwear fashion looks.
Right - Pretty Romantic Designer Dress from Ralph Lauren - Available at select stores USA.

Important Fashion Colours
Pink, red and coral have been hot colours for several years. These dresses below reveal some of the interesting warm combinations. One challenge to the blues, to pastels and monochromes is to be bold and juxtapose bright block colours like hot orange, tangerine, coral and tomato red, against fuchsia pink and magenta.
The effect is electric, but stunning when coral red and orange is teamed with a strongly competing fiery shocking fuchsia pink.  Dresses based on coral orange tangerine tones and worn as the sole colour are right on trend.

The Blazer
For an easy to wear fashion trend check out the blazer too, but note this year a more loosely tailored jacket. Designers have pandered to investment dressing creating bread and butter styles that are universally recognised. Wearable basics are commercial in a society still careful with income in the aftermath of global financial chaos. Consider the new blazer especially in white or neutral tones.

Utility Chic
Utility chic is a sporty military styling that targets younger followers. But for Summer 2010 utilitarian looks are frequently a contradiction - boots have open cut outs, whilst sandals climb the leg like boot forms.