The Art of Extreme Pumpkin Carving

“With Halloween fast approaching, these amazing pumpkin carvings are enough to frighten off even the toughest of people. American Ray Villafane has taken his ‘pumpkin heads’ to a whole new level as these extraordinary pictures demonstrate. Taking just two hours to carve, slice and gouge, Ray uses everything from spoons to scalpels to create his pumpkin masterpieces. Based in the sunny state of Phoenix, Ray’s pumpkins have become something of an internet sensation, and have led to appearances on prime time American networks such as CBS and ESPN. Using his background in high art and his work in designing models for D.C and Marvel comics, Ray has sculpted intricate faces out of the common pumpkin that make your hair stand on end. His carvings take in a wide variety of gothic gargoyles in keeping with the devilish theme of the annual holiday.”