Fashion Trendy 2012

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Trendy 2012

If you want to be fashionable this season reminds the premise that the more color you add to your wardrobe, better! Is that the latest trends in fashion colors invite us to use 2012 the most varied hues. For example, did you ever think to wear a yellow blazer? I honestly do not, but who knows, fashion always ends up convincing.

Neon or fluorescent tones are the kings of fashion spring summer 2012, but also becomes a quiet and nice color like pink. Here's how to apply fashionable colors to your closet and show off what clothes better than ever.
Orange for dresses

The celebrities are not afraid when choosing this striking color, brighter tone for their red carpet dresses. Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Hudgens and Julie Bowen have been able to wear it recently, each with its own style.

If you decide to use it, remember to opt for a nude makeup, as unobtrusive as possible. With the color of dress is enough to attract attention !
Blocks Of Color In The Shoes

The color blocks seem very fun to spice up the look of winter as we see in Jennifer Lopez, who has combined her pink jacket with heels in fiery red.

Carey Mulligan, meanwhile, are encouraged to contrast red dress and electric blue shoes (excellent!), While Jessica Chastain played with lime green and orange. What do you think ?

Red pants

The trend of colorful pants is really great and, of course, could not get the red out. I love the red pants! And we will see all kinds elephant foot or fisherwomen, in jeans or satin, low-or high-waisted ...

Have no problem to combine them because here's how to do it: T-shirts or white shirts and black blazer as an elegant Kristin Cavallari, Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Kelly Bensimon. Or you can read our tips on how to use red pants.

Jackets in Pastel Pink

Among the neon colors that are so fashionable, there is room for one of the most delicate and feminine colors: pink cake. What a pretty color! The trend is to incorporate it into jackets or blazers with shoulder pads.

Nicole Richie has given a more formal use by combining it with jeans and heels nude color prints, while Jennifer Love Hewitt and Dakota Fanning used them loose deprendidos, more casual and relaxed.

Yellow Blazers

More blazers for this 2012! And here the hand of a color that not all arriegamos us : the yellow. Undoubtedly, this color is not suitable for classical, but a touch of sparkle to shake our boring wardrobe never hurts, right?

Hilary Duff, Fergie and Kim Kardashian were encouraged to yellow. My advice? Combine it with black, white and gray, as they did, to balance the look.