Heels For Spring 2012

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Heels For Spring 2012

Designer for this year, that fashion is not for one second to change all the time is being updated after an improved style. While the idea is to create innovative garments, always looking to resurrect something from the past. So today we brought for you some heels for Spring 2012. Dare to know where will your next purchase.

A Special Touch

For a while the hippie chic is ravaging the world's catwalks. So Brian Atwood has decided to bring his own style to this new trend. A perfect shoe turquoise rather than combined, has a special detail at the heel. A pattern in shades of orange, pink and red, Indian style, he brings a feminine tone and spring to your outfit.


Nothing more to identify spring flowers, so Michael Antonio opts for a floral pattern that leaves any woman happy. Taking a red base creates a pattern in the same tones. No doubt it is highly necessary for any woman's closet. Perfect to combine with a party dress or a simple white hearth. The best part? They are the cheapest in the list!

Silver In Sight

The silver and gold were able to rage in the 80's, adding to a more glamorous style of the acclaimed Madonna. Then seemed to be buried in history because they were not enough to fashion. Today, Sam Edelman, dares to dig with a curious design. The solid silver, ideal to spice up a plain dress, has printed a rock touch with these "blemishes" Christian also Loboutin learned to use a reversal of her black stilettos. Courageous girls, this is your chance!

Shocking Neon

We have already spoken of neon as a means of highlighting skin tones, another fad that comes back. Brian Atwood does not want to subject you to choose a single color to use at your next party, therefore, placed all in the same pair. Is not it a good idea? Remember that the premise of this spring is "the brighter the better." Moreover, its width heel makes them the most comfortable.