How To Combine Patterns

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How To Combine Patterns

Combine prints in fashion. Gone are the times where if we wanted to get a garment with a floral print, stripes, geometric designs or animal print we should find a flat for the complement. Now, the merger of printed garments is a trend that Hits Home: the issue is how to combine patterns to look beautiful and stylish without dying in the attempt.

That's what I see in this article, because we will inspire in different looks UsWeekly famous magazine that mixed various prints in an elegant and chic. Once we know combine patterns, we can sure take a lot more items that have in the closet.

Animal print + Flowers

Have you ever thought of combining a colorful floral print with a sexy animal print? But sincerely, I've always been afraid of this dangerous combination but now I see how good it looks in Olivia Palermo, I'll give a vote of confidence. What do you think?

Olivia wore pants with stilettos swash Topshop animal print Mulberry.

Flowers & Stripes

Ok, I must confess that this merger does not stop to convince me, but maybe it takes getting used to. Diane Kruger was encouraged to wear a pencil skirt in black and white stripes, quite classic, with a green dress with flowers of designer Derek Lam. 

Animal print + Geometric

Wow! Elizabeth Olsen has combined two very cool prints that seemed uncombinable: an animal print shirt in bright yellow with tissue TopShop geometric print black and white of YARNZ. I liked it!

Lunar + Leopard

Another look that I love is that of Stacy Keibler, who combined a stylish polka dot shirt with a pencil skirt animal print leopard print and red heels in love. The fact that his shirt is color neutral and small spots, plus hint of color in shoes, made this unexpected combination a very elegant look. Why not an office look?

Leopard + Stripes

A shared color palette makes the fusion of patterns be much more harmonious. A clear example is seen in Whitney Port, who successfully mixed leopard skirt with a striped sweater, both in shades of gray.

So you know, if you want to play it safe when combining prints, try both to be of similar colors to achieve a monochromatic look.