Jimmy Choo Shoes 2012

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Jimmy Choo Shoes 2012

The Jimmy Choo brand has us accustomed to really great shoes, the kind that we can spend hours admiring behind a window and dreamed of having ever lined up in our wardrobes.

As with most major fashion houses, their designs are better every year: when one of her shoes seem insurmountable, the next season will up the ante with a new creation.

Jimmy Choo shoes 2012 collection is no exception. This line, called Cruise 12, proposes shoes for each and every one of us, since it does not focus on extravagant designs and taxable but we propose models for the daily lives of ordinary women like you ... and me!

Spike Heel

Zapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 tacón de aguja4.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 tacón de aguja5.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 tacón de aguja6.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 tacón de aguja7.jpg

Peep Toe

Zapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 tacón de aguja2.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 tacón de aguja3.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 Peep toe1.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 Peep toe2.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 Peep toe6.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 Peep toe5.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 Peep toe4.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 Peep toe9.jpg

Here I bring you a gallery of photos of their designs for next year. The Jimmy Choo shoe collection 2012 is really complete, ranging from the comfortable and always in fashion ballerinas, wedges to look taller and slender with enough support, and the inevitable and fabulous high heels and feminine peep toe, beautiful and sexy , which will be the envy of all who watch your feet.

What about colors? This new line looks like the classic neutral colors that many seek in their shoes for a perfect combination with any look, such as black, ground color and the color nude, one of the must-have color this season. But also incorporates other colors played and youth, such as orange and fuchsia for its towering sandals. That makes them perfect for use during the summer!

Remember that the colors vibrant neon colors is also a strong trend for 2012. And what better to show off our shoes?

I think there is nothing left to say. The gallery of photos of these shoes Jimmy Choo speaks for itself: what models would come out running to buy? I'll save because I liked all ...


Zapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 sandalias1.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 sandalias2.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 sandalias3.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 sandalias4.jpg



Zapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 cuñas8.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 cuñas7.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 cuñas5.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 cuñas4.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 cuñas3.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 cuñas1.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012 cuñas6.jpgZapatos Jimmy Choo 2012cuñas9.jpg