Massimo Dutti Catalog Summer 2012

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Massimo Dutti Catalog Summer 2012

The pastel range has come to 2012 with a really overwhelming force, so much so the new collection of Massimo Dutti, one of the great icons of the current fashion, presents his collection for the season summer 2012 based on this fresh range of colors within each of which stand out mainly yellow and pale blue.
That these two colors give life to a significant percentage of the collection, and can be seen these tones both in casual look garment as well as more sophisticated and elegant proposals.

While smooth garments are those who lead the collection, there is also room for mini polka dots and original arabesques, although these as we mentioned occupy a small fragment of the collection.

While in story to the garments that we find in the collection Excel maxi dresses look relaxed, mini skirts, jumpers of yarn, light jackets, shorts, blouses, fags of colors and wide trousers; watching as they slowly come to regain the place lost in fashion.

More details of this collection of Massimo Dutti Catalog summer 2012 can be appreciated through the photos below we present.