Swimwear 2012

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Swimwear 2012

It is always good to consider trends 2012 to rearm when our wardrobes. Let us leave behind the classic mesh bikinis and boring. Today we offer a look at the swimsuits 2012. We encourage you to always bet more, remember that you always look beautiful.

Tropical Islands

There is a better pattern for swimsuits than those with tropical theme. Does can be better defined? The truth is that many designers this season are encouraged to enter this world by incorporating fruits, plants and anything that suggests a sense of "Caribbean." The variety is enormous, there are those who opt for simple details or to encourage more complex. My advice? If you are small in stature choose costumes try not loaded because it does not favor you.

Exotic Prints

For a while the exotic is printing its trademark on the runways. So with the swimsuits. The tribal prints, animal print or ethnicity are the most sparkle. For thin, I recommend a small bikini desestilice not. Those who are plump can try a wide bikini or one piece that highlights the strengths of your body.

Solid Colors

While many do not dare to leave the black, others dare to something else. I understand that not all are fans of the prints, so solid colors are a trendy choice for the timid. From red, through all saturated colors to blue, everything is permitted. Remember that not all the bikini has to be the same color, use the brightest colors for areas to highlight and fainter to hide imperfections.

High Waisted

Are you too conservative? Do you think your body is not able to be shown? For your best presentation in the sands is the high-waisted bikini. While the trend is that the bathing suits are becoming more small, some designers are encouraged to bet big retro fashion choosing panties that hide all sorts of imperfections in the queue. Luce original and carefully at a time! Watch vintage bathing suits are coming.


The beach is not always suitable to fully enjoy swimsuit. Sometimes the wind does its damage and need some kind of "shelter" to use. This brings the 2012 Great shirts shirts, skirts and maxi dresses in all kinds of loose prints. Although the most abundant are the metal, semi-transparent, white or colored.

To learn more about trends in swimwear recommend you see what suits you best depending on your body type. Dare to fashion combinations without fear!