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Victoria Beckham collection : The Celebrities Wear Their Clothes 

I still remember when Victoria Beckham Posh was just one more member of the Spice Girls. Who knew that would later become one of the most renowned designers of today, not to mention, of course, is one of the most popular famous and acclaimed fashion.

Anyway, those who do not bet on the former Posh designs that could come to offer, today should cover their mouth, and admire some of the beautiful creations on the catwalk Victoria proposes. Ah! And other celebrities!

Of course, I'll show some of the most stunning looks, along with some of the famous more faithful to the designs can be found in the Victoria Beckham Collection. Check them out !

Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo is always great. Extremely elegant outfits, usually classical, but not boring. Here, however, are sporting a unique design it in a very nice mustard color, with some nice very original clutch petal.

Definitely a look 10! Right ?

Eva Longoria

Eva also always surprises in costumes of the most elegant and feminine. And apparently we could not wait to see the actress wearing another model that does not belong to Beckham, after learning that is a faithful fan of Victoria and all its creations.

Here are two models which are in sight. Both knee-length skirts, and a model "loose" at the top. Meanwhile, the color contrast shows! Blue Metallic one hand, and a silver gray other.

Which do you prefer?

Melissa George

Melissa really surprised us, right? And even more after seeing her in this gorgeous black dress. A perfect fit for a gala occasion, mimicking a second skin, and giving clearly a basically super brightness.

Kate Winslet

We also have Kate, who has decided to wear a long dress in long sleeves, and with a golden studs without doubt the most elegant. And as a final detail, I must say that the blonde hair suits her perfectly in contrast with this stunning piece of design. A true lady in black!

Gisele Bundchen

It is impossible that something be wrong with Gisele, I know. And in a dress Beckham can not expect less than perfection, right? The proposal then, is a combination of white and black of the most simple, yet elegant, with a midi dress and shoes magnificent.

Demi Moore

And finally, Demi Moore has also chosen a piece of Victoria Beckham Collection, in a nude color, and a really great classic. Meanwhile, the chic is complemented nicely with metallic sandals and a matching purse.

I have some outfits! Now the truth ... How about Victoria Beckham's designs? Do you bet on them? Well I do, and give you a vote for Posh by Gisele and Kate dress I really loved.

And if you still want more news about Victoria Beckham're in luck! because here in iMujer have everything you need to know about this fashionista.