Vintage Swimsuits

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Vintage Swimsuits

Retro fashion lately has been imposed on all gateways. Because, as we have said, in the world of designers everything is recycled. Trends die and revive again to be filled with the magic of the past. So, I brought a summer option but to enjoy this wonderful season with all the enthusiasm. Let's see together some vintage swimsuits.


One factor retro-inspired stripes are larger. The color combination of blue and white, give a touch of "maritime" typical of the time. In terms of how we could say that shooting is high, with stripes arranged in such a way as to make the look a little more fun. Perfect for skinny girls or with a little tummy. Is it hard to tan? This is your ideal model.


If looking for something from a single piece is one of the best options. Marilyn Monroe in the style you see this green swimsuit, which is ideal for women with little breasts and her heart-shaped neckline, added to the straps at neck, stand near the breasts. The whole design is very flattering for any body, so you have no way to refuse to use it.

To Moles

Without a doubt this is one of the retro prints par excellence, also never they go out of fashion. The style is quite similar to the previous, only to make the living, contrasted red with white dots that blonde girls are a little more sympathizers of this model. The shirring of the chest and the waist cut mark your side retro like never before. We encourage you to combine them with large glasses of Sun and scarves in the head.


Straight off the black and white movies to see this sweet bikini pictures. Keeping the forms of the 50's, adds a bit of cotton fabric to make it more resistant. It is ideal for those who suffer for their wide hips, because the bottom has a sort of "skirt" willing to cover any default of the tail. It is the best alternative if you are in "those days". Feel free and beautiful!

Remember that finding the perfect swimsuit is no easy task, you must consider your body type and personality that can sometimes be revolutionary.